CellarFiller helps people buy wine for their needs and desires

Whether your cellar holds 12 bottles or 12,000, we have the knowledge and understanding of the wine market to help pick the wines best for you.

Our personal and expert process not only enhances your access to wine, but helps you organize it according to your preferences and interests. Imagine if you had a perfect bottle of wine with every meal... and it was as easy to find in your cellar as it is to find a gem in a crown. We make that possible.

We spend time with you to understand your eating and entertaining habits, your dietary restrictions, and your desires. Then, on a flat budget, we design wine options for you that would enhance your every dinner. Finally, we organize your cellar in such a way that you know exactly which wine to select when you’re having a pecan crusted halibut, a steak, or a duck confit.

This process is highly individualized. We meet with you to discuss your needs and agree on a budget. We then design a program that works for you, fits your growing cellar, and most importantly, brings delight and pride to you and your guests as you pair food and wine for the special events in your lives.

Choose us to:

1. Expertly recommend exquisite wines for individuals based on personality, diet, or tastes.

2. Carefully design tailored event and restaurant wine programs based on entertainment or business goals.

3. Professionally enhance and organize wine collections according to flavor, region or value profiles.